AFT owner Tony Kriss and Sunny

As the founder Of Advanced Firearms Training, Tony wanted to provide people with realistic firearms training at a realistic price.  His sole desire is to offer the training necessary to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your firearms usage.  Being a husband and father and grandfather, Tony long ago realized that the safety of his family was a huge responsibility as is carrying or relying on a firearm to protect yourself and your family.

For years Tony wondered, “What if I wasn’t home when something happened?  Would my wife know how to handle an encounter?  What if I was hurt and my wife had to protect me and our children? ”

Tony wanted to be sure that he was trained, as well as his family, not only for protection in today’s violent society, but also for firearms safety reasons.

Sunny, pictured above, is a  friendly Golden Retriever, and often accompanies Tony to AFT and loves to greet you.